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Welcome Tianjin Jinanyuan Iron & Steel Trading Co.,Ltd.!Tel:022-86896633 86896636 86896638 Fax:022-86896638 Mobile:13802189832、13502161139、15822676888、15822676999

     Tianjin Jinanyuan Iron & Steel Trading Co., the large-scale seamless spot sales company,The company specializes in seamless operation of various domestic and imported,Alloy Pipes,High Pressure Boiler Tube ,Stainless Steel Pipe,For more than 20000 tons annual inventory,More than 2,000 kinds of specifications,And every month some alloy tube, stainless steel pipes to Port.
    The company was founded in 1990,After years of operations,Chengdu Seamless Steel Tube Plant,Baotou seamless steel pipe plant,Baosteel,Ansteel,Baogang,Hengyang Steel Tube Factory and other domestic production of several seamless tube,Stainless Steel Pipe,Low Pressure Boiler Tube ,Distillation pipe,Professional Pipe for Fertiliz ,Fluid Pipes ,Structural steel pipe ,Oil Cracking Tube ,Professional Pipe for Fertiliz,Wear-resistant steel,Precision Steel Tube.Our company can also custom-made for the factory units Dayong material specification 426-3000 * 40-150 a variety of industry-specific special special seamless steel pipe Material:20#、35#、45#、20G、16Mn、27SiMn、12Cr1MoV、15CrMo、10CrMo910、A335P22、A106B、A335P91、Cr5Mo、A335P11 etc.standards:GB8162-1999、GB8163-1999、GB3087-1999、GB5310-1995、GB9948-88、GB6479-2000 etc.The company is illustrated material for the seamless sheets and copies of,for the majority of customers purchase.
    Our aim is:"Heavy Contract, Keep credit,Quality and quantity guaranteed ,Delivery schedule".XU Shi, chairman and general manager of your welcome new and old customers coming!
    The company's annual operating stainless steel pipe,Stainless Steel Rectangular pipe,The materials are OCr148Ni9、OOCr17Ni12Mo2、OOCr17Ni14Mo2、1Cr17Mn6Ni5N、1Cr18Mn8Ni5N、OCr11Ti、OOCr12Ti.The standard is:GB1T12770-2000,GB1T12770-2002,GB1T18705-2002.Sea petrochemical industry for the aerospace, energy, transportation, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment, food industry, brewing and architectural decoration fluid delivery facilities, and environmental engineering industry, a wide variety welcomed the inquiry.


Company Name:Tianjin Jinanyuan Iron & Steel Trading Co.,Ltd. Main Product: Alloy Pipes High Pressure Boiler Tube Stainless Steel PipeSeamless Steel Pipe
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